Be Extra Healthy Now
Be Extra Healthy Now

This Is How Long These Drugs Stay In Your System

If you’ve got a job at a particularly strict office or you’re a pro athlete and are concerned about being caught out by drug testing, here’s a handy guide to help you out. ATTN has kindly compiled a list of how long 10 drugs stay in your system, and ... read more

Home Remedies For Melasma

If you have dark patches on your face and you’re sure that they are neither freckles nor birthmarks, they could be melisma. That’s a common skin condition where there is excessive production of the dark pigment called melanin. There are many reasons why this happens. One of them is ... read more

Your Favorite Childhood Fruit, Aratilis, Has BIG Health Benefits

If you’re not familiar with aratilis, you’re not alone, but you probably had an interesting childhood that included eating this fruit. Aratilis or Muntingia calabura is a flowering plant that grows in several parts of the world, including Mexico and the Philippines. Aratilis is the Filipino name, but it ... read more

How Smartphone Light Affects Your Brain and Body

Looking at your phone at night is a terrible idea, no matter how hard it is to stop. Smartphone screens emit bright blue light so you can see them even at the sunniest times of day. But at night, your brain becomes confused by that light, as it mimics ... read more

10 Simple Natural Steps to Tighten Your Skin

You noticed your skin looks hanging from your face. You’re frustrated and you want to undergo surgery? Now, there is no need to walk on painful surgeries anymore, since there are 10 simple natural steps to tighten your skin! These 10 simple natural steps will help tightening your skin ... read more

5 Best Smoothies For People With Diabetes

It’s very important for a diabetic person to choose healthy vegetables and fruits for their meals. Smoothies can be a part of a balanced meal in order to maintain a steady blood sugar level. Here are the top 5 diabetic friendly smoothies you can try:   Sweet Potato Smoothie ... read more

Natural Skin Warts Or Fibroma Removal Right From Your Kitchen

Skin warts and fibroma lesions can be a little nerve-wracking and make people unsecure. They can easily be confused for cancerous tumors and they are very unattractive. Luckily, fibromas are benign tumors that grow on the skin.   Skin Warts and Fibroma Fibroma can appear almost anywhere on the ... read more