Be Extra Healthy Now
Be Extra Healthy Now

DIY: 8 Unexpected Ways To Use Olive Oil! (Video)

The oil is an integral part of our nutrition and it is used in different ways. But for such a versatile product, there are many other ways you can use.   We bring you the top 8 and unexpected ways to use olive oil …

What Does The Positions Of Your Mole Mean?

Square shaped moles don’t bring much good in the beginning of the life, but afterwards, it all turns well. Triangle shaped moles symbolize the destiny filled with a mixture of good and bad and zigzag moles are a sign of bad luck.     The more hairs a mole ... read more

Here’s How To Prevent Feet Swelling!

Heat can be devastating for your legs and feet because it causes swelling. If you’re travelling or sitting for a long time, these problems are almost inevitable. To warn them, you should shower your calves with cold water, avoid crossing your legs and try to stand in one place ... read more

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With The TV On?

Many people have the habit of sleeping with their TV on and say that it’s easier for them to fall asleep. If you’re also a part of that group, then you must know that it certainly disturbs your process of sleeping and leaves consequences on your health.   Every ... read more